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ADR system




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ADR system. ADR Parts

ADR (ADR) — is Antonio, Giovanni Radrizzani, the founders of the company. So it was first, and now - this is a holding company with participants from 11 countries around the world. There are parts and components for vehicles are manufactured on its factories, of which impeccable work depends: speed and reliability of movement, softness of stroke and exceptional maneuverability of a truck, trailer and other device. These are products, which quality ensure with conducted scientific experiments and researches in cooperation with leading universities and institutes, which specialize in the area of transport engineering. All products are certified in the EU and meet the highest requirements.

Products and their substitutes

ADR Group's products include various axles: non-revolving - with a massive beam (able to carrying a load of 0.5 to 30 tonns) and with a tubular beam (Black Bull series, much lighter than massive ones, but strong enough due to special steel); rotary - dual mode of use (Dual Mode): controlled or self-controlled.

Each type of axle is a series of modifications, adapted for use in vehicles with specific technical characteristics.

There is in stock a wide range of Bogie mechanical suspensions: from very rigid Heavy Duty, for use in extreme conditions and full off-road, to modular for biaxial and triaxial machines. Suspension guarantees both the normal height of the vehicle when it driving, and lowered.

Hydrokey’s hydraulic suspensions allow you to change the balance of the vehicle without worsening its transport characteristics and the degree of traffic safety, which is especially important when driving in difficult road conditions. Hydrosafe’s hydraulic suspensions is a unique safety system for turns or braking on problematic sections of roads.

A huge selection of wheels, accessories, manufactured at the company's factories. Each product is designed for specific operating conditions. Their list covers all areas and sectors of transport engineering.

To maintain the exclusivity and reliability of ADR Group products at a very high level, the spare parts for the ADR System must comply with those specified in the assembly at the factory.

And to continue the successful operation of the vehicle without losses, purchase ADR spare parts from Grozber Ukraine.

ADR is the european leader in the production of axles and suspensions for agricultural and special machinery.

Long-term researches, unsurpassed quality, attentiveness to customer requirements, technical and service support, and also continuous improvement of production - all these qualities ADR systems are lined at the highest level.

For today, the ADR Group has nine companies, located in Italy, France, England, Poland, China and Brazil. ADR is a modern development and research center, which is generated to produce ultra-modern, high-quality products. At manufacturing of details are applied innovative production techniques, the latest technologies and only the best materials.

The list of products is very wide. Among products, a large part is designed for the agricultural sector, as well as for cargo trailers of various types. ADR's strategy provides for the subsequent technology of development and increasing influence on the markets of agricultural and road transport.