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Geringhoff. Spare parts for Geringhoff in Ukraine

For many years, Geringhoff has produced the most advanced technology for maize and sunflower harvesting in its almost hundred-year history. Recently, she specializes mainly in the production of attachments for agricultural machinery.

The company is an innovator in the design and manufacture of folding header. Although the model range includes all types and types of this technique. Nevertheless, its multifunctional corn headers Rota Disk models, which perform their work in extreme conditions without loss of productivity, are especially popular with farmers. The main advantage of the header models: Rota Disc, Mais Star and PCA is the mechanism of grinding stems, cut plants. Specialists in the field of agronomy argue that the degree of processing of stems, the composition of corn residues on the field is important to influence its state and temperature regime in the winter. This factor later, in the spring, will affect the quality of the preparation of the soil for sowing and, accordingly, the yield. The designers of the company took into account all the requirements of agronomists and created the optimal technique.

Modern farming is fundamentally different from its predecessors, which existed several decades ago. Current farmers use in their work the possibilities of electronic technology, draw information and manage production planning with the help of social networks of the Internet, while the mechanical work is performed by reasonable units that adequately perceive electronic innovations.

Quality assurance of high-performance work

The work of agricultural machinery in recent years has acquired well-measured parameters, when every detail and each node must perform its functions in exact accordance with the task assigned to them. In these conditions, the purchase of spare parts and their compliance with the necessary characteristics is more important than ever.

Not meeting the requirements makes it impossible to achieve high results and significantly increases losses leading to bankruptcy in general.

Spare parts for Geringhoff in Ukraine are most convenient to purchase at Grozber Ukraine. It is reliable, practical and affordable in the shortest possible time. Here you buy only genuine products from the manufacturer, they will be delivered to you directly to the unit, wherever it is located and, if necessary, installed, giving a guarantee for the entire service life.