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JCB. Spare parts for JCB in Ukraine

Three letters of the Latin alphabet JCB - this is Joseph Cyril Bamford, full name of the founder of the company J. C. Bamford Excavators Ltd. Its history is unique, if most of the present corporations started with small enterprises, small shops, then JCB was originally a single master, this probably explains such a "personal" name.

Today under this brand there are more than 300 models of different technique, manufactured at 20 factories of the company. The functional purpose of the technique is wide and it is possible in different industries:

  • in the construction industry;
  • excavation work;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • transportation of goods within the premises;
  • towing equipment and trailers;
  • other preparatory work at the construction site;
  • in agriculture with a wide range of applications;
  • in road construction (with specific types of work);
  • in logging organizations.

The units are manufactured taking into account their use in a specific industry and in accordance with the features of the work. But for all models, the common rule remains the same - they are prepared for work in harsh conditions, with constant load and with minimal negative impact on the environment.

For this purpose are widely used innovative developments, carefully selected materials, details and components. Before leaving the gates of the assembly factory, all technique is thoroughly tested for compliance with the required high parameters. The main of which is the ability of the unit to fully perform its functions throughout the entire period of its operation.

A reliable replacement — is the key to successful work

Using the technique from JCB without maintaining its functional suitability in its entirety doesn’t make sense. That’s why, if it is necessary to buy spare parts for JCB in Ukraine, it is better, more reliable and more profitable to do it with Grozber Ukraine. Your Ukrainian partner is guaranteed supply the required spare parts, will bring them as soon as possible to the address indicated by you, even if this field is farmed and installed on the machine (if it necessary). All the details supplied by Grozber Ukraine will be of original quality, they will not reduce the technical resource of the unit and will not reduce its level of performance.