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Lemken. Spare parts for Lemken in Ukraine

The basis of Lemken's activities is in the development of export potential, expansion of the list of countries where the products are delivered. At the same time, the designers of the company have to consider the specific operating conditions of the equipment under various climatic features and soil differences.

How successful they can be judged by the structure of exports, where every third product is sent to consumers from Eastern Europe. In Ukraine, a couple of years ago, the volume of supplies of agricultural units of this brand was doubled.

Of the nearly thirteen thousand aggregates produced during the year, the majority are plows of various types and configurations. Each model is equipped with high-tech nodes, which ensure strict implementation of the task set before the technique.

Recently appeared novelties from Lemken - pneumatic seeders, precision seeders; equipping them with electronic terminals for remote monitoring and control of the process of sowing crops - can ensure the setting or changing of task parameters literally by running meters of the field, taking into account all sorts of nuances. And potentially, they are able to bring this type of product to the number of the best-selling, from the whole range of the company's products.

Not good spare parts, but only identical (from the manufacturer of the technique)

Of course, using of high-precision electronic equipment and assembly units using sophisticated technologies requires the qualitative equipment of the mechanism with components that have the same technical characteristics as those originally installed on it. That’s why the issue of collateral is extremely important not only technically, but also economically. Since the correspondence of the resource of each part with the aggregate's resource determines the economic result of the activity of the given farm for a year or several years.

Spare parts manufactured somewhere can be of quite acceptable quality and perform their function in the technique. But they don’t necessarily correspond to the details established according to the engineering decisions on a particular mechanism, with certain indexes. To avoid unforeseen situations, you can buy spare parts for Lemken in Ukraine in the online store of Grozber Ukraine, which guarantees their quality (identity) and delivers the order in a short time at the location of the unit.