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Terms of delivery:

  • We will send the order all over Ukraine by the transport companies;
  • If necessary, we will send the order by regular buses every day;
  • Pickup from a warehouse-shop in Kiev.

Terms of payment:

  • Cash;
  • Non-cash payment, VAT;
  • We will provide an interest-free commodity loan.


Spare parts for vehicles Manitou

The technique of the company Manitou is simply not replaceable on constructions. The company has an extensive selection of forklifts and lifts for this. They can be used for moving and lifting goods on the whole construction.

The entire range of technique and equipment is made only of high-quality materials, where used qualitive spare parts for Manitou.

Manitou spare parts represent a whole range of parts, tools and instruments for operations and technological processes, to ensure the increase in the productivity of machinery through its technical re-equipment. You can also buy original spare parts Manitou in Ukraine.

Here you can find:

  • spare parts for telescopic loader;
  • spare parts for forklifts;
  • spare parts for lifts;
  • spare parts for towers;
  • spare parts for the loader excavator;

"Grozber Ukraine" will provide the supply of original spare parts Manitou to all manufacturer’s technique.

For the correct functioning of your equipment it’s best to buy spare parts for agricultural machinery from a reliable supplier, which is not the first year is Grozber Ukraine.

If you did not find the part you need, it's possible that its catalog number has been changed. Please write or call us for clarification!