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The technics has failed, and the supplier of spare parts does not keep within the stipulated terms?

The quality of the ordered parts or equipment does not meet expectations?

How to choose from a set of companies present in the market a reliable partner and supplier? These questions will be answered by specialists from GROZBER, a supplier of original spare parts and equipment to imported agricultural machinery.

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"GROZBER" - the leader of operational supplies of spare parts for agricultural machinery!



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The company "GROZBER" is always glad to cooperate with advanced contractors. Thanks to your creativity and exactingness, we perfect our skills.

We highly appreciate the opportunity to work with you to gain experience from you and to improve with you. And you, in turn, will acquire a reliable and most operational partner in the supply of spare parts and equipment to agricultural machinery, as well as high-quality service support!

"GROZBER" - a guarantee of the work of your equipment for many years!

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The warehouse-store is located on the territory of VHNH. Working hours: from 09:00 to 18:00. SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

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